Premium Adjustable Spout End with Expansion Joint

by Digman-N


Adjusts from 90° to 35°


1. Combines the features of an expansion joint and adjustable spout end, making it easier to install.

2. Oversized receiver accepts downspout without welding. This assures proper alignment with downspout. Eliminates need for precise cutting and flanging, reducing installation time.

3. The receiver has four flow outlets and the internal divider directs the flow of material to one or more of the four outlets. Baffles are angled, which regardless of angle of entry will facilitate emptying of unit.

4. Receiver with baffles adjusts with hood creating greater opportunity to create a cushion pile regardless of flow rate or angle of incoming spout.

5. Heavy duty construction: receiver unit is 1/4" thick; adjustable is 7 gauge carbon steel construction, with 7 gauge AR steel wear plates; square to round outlet transition is 7 gauge.

6. To be used in the spouting of clean dry grain and feed pellets. Not to be used with sunflowers, soybean meal, molasses feed or other nonfree-flowing items. For nonfree-flowing items use low profile adjustable.