Who We Are

At Digman Construction, we are a dynamic fusion of innovation and tradition. Rooted in a rich legacy of serving both the agricultural and construction realms, we have grown to become a beacon of reliability and progress. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique intricacies of every project, from intimate family farms to expansive commercial infrastructures. With a team dedicated to excellence, cutting-edge technology at our fingertips, and an unwavering commitment to our clients, we are not just builders — we are visionaries, partners, and stewards of enduring quality.

Meet our Team

If you're considering using our services, you deserve to know the people behind our company. Meet the members of our team:
  • Chad Digman: Owner - Partner
  • Jay Digman: Owner - Partner
  • Brent Kase: Operations Manager - Business Development
  • Jacob Lindholm: Human Resources Manager - Accounts Payable
  • Ben Digman: Foreman - Millwright
  • Chance Williams: Foreman - Millwright
  • Andrew Weigel: Foreman - Concrete Construction